Peripheral Artery Disease: A Prevalent Medical Issue

12 million

people in the US have PAD


of individuals >60 have PAD

The Case for Sirolimus-Coated Angioplasty Balloons


Paclitaxel based devices, the current drug used for treating PAD, has raised safety concerns, and Sirolimus based devices have replaced it as a safer, more effective treatment. However, to improve bioavailability, Sirolimus based devices need to be encapsulated and retained in the artery. This has proved to be problematic.


Functionalized nanoparticles (f-NP) are employed to enable and improve uptake and retention of Sirolimus based devices in PAD patients. This allows approximately 12 million people with Peripheral Artery Disease an opportunity for better outcomes.


“While drug delivery using coated balloons is a well-established treatment strategy, our vision for using f-NP technology to address PAD represents a major advancement in drug-coated balloon (DCB) technology.”

Dr. Mehdi Shishehbor, DO, MPH, PhD Co-Founder and CMO of Advanced NanoTherapies

Achievements to Date

Advanced NanoTherapies is working closely with the FDA to achieve an early feasibility study and introduce its technology to human populations.

Efficient balloon-to-tissue
drug uptake

controlled release

Drug interchangeability
and multi-drug delivery

No particle release
during handling